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Carina Link


Länk Graphic Design & Illustration is a design and illustration studio that helps our customers with design, illustration and ongoing production. With us, you can get help with realizing your idea. We love the challenge of helping our customers. What do you want to do?

The studio is run by Carina and Torbjörn Länk. We have worked together for 20 years, we met and became a couple when we both studied at Konstfack. Carina works full time in the company and is customer responsible, Torbjörn works half time in the studio and spends the other half in his artist studio.


Carina Link

Graphic designer, illustrator and poster artist is educated at Konstfack 1988–1992 MFA, Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration. Exchange student spring 1991 at Rhode I sland School of Design , Providence, USA.

Awards Carina
Graphis Poster Gold, New York 2013, Graphis Poster Gold, New York 2012, Stamp of the Year 2010, Swedish Publishing Prize 2010, Graphis Poster Gold, New York 2010, Swedish Publishing Prize 2007, Knut V Pettersson Scholarship 2007, Graphis Poster Gold, New York 2007, EEPG Frankfurt 2003, 2004, 2007, Kolla award silver, Stockholm 2003, Svensk Bokkonst 2002, Grand Prix Savignac, Paris 1999

More about Carina
Member of the board of Swedish Book Art. Auditor in Stockholm's Typographical Guild, member, secretary and vice chairman. Carina was part of the working group that started the illustration and graphic design competition Check on behalf of Swedish Illustrators. Carina has previously worked for five years as a teacher and taught at Konstfack in the subject of graphic design in the art teacher line. Carina participates in poster exhibitions in Sweden, Finland, France, USA, China, Japan, etc. and as a jury member in design competitions and scholarship selection. Member of the Association of Swedish Illustrators , Illustratörscentrum Stockholms Typografiska Gille.


Torbjörn Link

Artist, educated at Konstfack 1985–1991, MFA, Painting.
Works with illustration and layout in the company. Member of the Association of Swedish Illustrators and Illustrators' Center where he shows illustrations www . Torbjörn works half time in the studio, the second half he spends as an artist in his studio,

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